03/31/2022 Fireside CharLA - Women's Herstory Month and Cesar Chavez Day Commemoration

03/31/2022 Fireside CharLA - Women's Herstory Month and Cesar Chavez Day Commemoration

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March is Women’s History Month which provides an opportunity to reflect deeply on the meaningful and impactful contributions and challenges faced by mujeres everywhere. Women continue to endure ongoing gender discrimination, health inequities and gender pay gaps that diproportionately impact women of color. For example, Latinas earn only 57 cents for every dollar in comparison to white men and during the pandemic, have dropped out of the workforce more than any other group. These inequities are not coincidental but are fueled by existing policies that prevent all workers from optimizing their full potential and fully contributing to a robust economy.

As evidenced by the war in Ukraine, women continue to exercise their choice and rights by stepping up and fighting alongside their male counterparts. Women’s strength and resolve continues to shape our present locally and future globally and for that, ULF celebrates the contributions of strong mujeres who trailblaze and serve as influential role models for the next generation. To commemorate Women’s Herstory Month and Cesar Chavez Day, this month’s Fireside CharLA uplifts women's voices, struggles and service leadership by featuring some of Los Angeles' most prominent mujeres at the forefront of business, sports, academia and media who invest in women at all levels and uplift each other to positions of power. 


  • Maria Salinas, President & CEO, LA Area Chamber of Commerce
  • Liliana T. Perez-Palacios: Director of Cultural Affairs, LA Chargers
  • Dr. Maria Romero-Morales: USC Assistant Chief Inclusion and Diversity Officer for Communication, Community and Student Engagement & Councilwoman, El Monte

Event Details

  • The CharLA is simultaneously hosted in-person and broadcast via FB Live and Zoom.
  • The in-person event starts at 2PM with a hosted mixer from 2PM to 3PM and a panel discussion at 3PM. Seating is limited to the first 30 attendees who RSVP for the in-person event.
  • The FB Live and Zoom broadcast starts at 3PM and ends at 4PM. To receive the Zoom meeting info, please RSVP below.

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