1/14/2021 Fireside CharLA - Featuring Georgia Senate Race & LatinX GOTV

1/14/2021 Fireside CharLA - Featuring Georgia Senate Race & LatinX GOTV

For generations the general public has been able to predict what states will be red and blue when election time comes around. But for historically red state Georgia, they were taken by surprise at the voter turnout which rocked the state into the blue. Latino voters turned out to vote in the thousands and in the Georgia Senate election, the Latino turnout was double what is was back in 2016. 

The grassroots efforts made by organizations like Georgia Familias Unidas inspired voters across the state to exercise their civil duty. It was a labor of great passion to educate generations of wary voters that their voice and their vote mattered. Organizations flooded to public spaces to educate people about the Senate election. And with the education, came the allocation of resources for Spanish speaking individuals who needed access to voter information in their native language.

It was a collaborative effort and most impressively, it was the Millennials that stepped up to get the vote out by educating their elders and those younger than them. The Latino community in Georgia demonstrated that historical trends can be uprooted and changed. 

January 14, 2021 at 6pm - 7pm

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