2023 Homeless Count – VOLUNTEERS NEEDED!

2023 Homeless Count – VOLUNTEERS NEEDED!

The Greater Los Angeles Homeless Count will span three days, from Tuesday, January 24 to Thursday, January 26. We invite you to make a difference by volunteering! Volunteers are essential to making the homeless count a success. 


Bellow are the steps that LAHSA is taking to improve the 2023 Homeless Count: 

- hiring a demographer and data scientist to help optimize the process

- simplifying our volunteer training and offering it both in-person and online

- replacing the counting app used in 2022 with one built by a new vendor with years of experience developing apps for Homeless Counts across the country, allowing volunteers to see their data submissions in the app and deployment site leads to access a real-time dashboard

- developed a quality assurance process that includes LAHSA staff at each deployment site, backup paper maps and tally sheets, and data collection from volunteers who do not use the app to ensure inclusion in the final count

LAHSA will consider any tracts with missing data to be considered uncounted, and will deploy make-up teams to ensure an accurate count