Back Home Initiative Overview & Sign-Up

Back Home Initiative Overview & Sign-Up

Would you like to earn up to $1,000 a month for up to 15 years, increase your property value and help those less fortunate among us?

If you’re a homeowner in Los Angeles County who seeks an additional source of passive income and you’re concerned that your neighbors may become or are currently houseless, then sign up for the Back Home Initiative (BHI) today!

BHI is a groundbreaking housing alternative that invests in homeowners’ properties and builds intergenerational wealth while helping our neighbors that may become or are currently houseless, particularly in communities most adversely impacted by the epidemic.

Do you have space in your backyard to build an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU)? 

BHI provides eligible homeowners with a move-in ready, fully furnished (appliances included) ADU studio or one bedroom unit, built and maintained on their property FREE of CHARGE for up to 15 years. In addition, property owners receive up to $1,000 monthly stipend for up to 15 years after which, BHI will transfer ADU ownership to the homeowner FREE and CLEAR.

BHI expands upon traditional temporary and permanent housing solutions by connecting eligible homeowners and their newly constructed ADUs with individuals and families at-risk of houselessness or those ready to leave transitional housing. BHI provides comprehensive supports for participating homeowners which includes ADU maintenance, property management, and case management for both homeowners and tenants.

To learn more about BHI and how to participate, complete the form below and a follow-up will be provided on this innovative, timely and impactful program.

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Thought leadership for BHI was provided by Tal Karasso, Co-Founder and CEO of US Home Pros, Jacob Lipa, Principal Consultant of Lipa Consulting and Richard Xavier Corral, CEO and Principal Consultant of Corral Consulting along with a diverse collaborative of community partners working to address homelessness including: United Latinx Fund, Mid-Valley Collaborative on Homelessness, Casita Coalition, LA Alliance for Human Rights, LA Business Council and Latino Coalition of Los Angeles, SPA 6 Homeless Coalition, homeowners and homeless service providers.