SALÓN SERIES - January 29th, 2018

SALÓN SERIES - January 29th, 2018

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A round table conversation among six dynamic Latina business leaders to discuss the future of jobs in LA and opportunities for the Latinx community to take advantage of the forthcoming growth.

Video Credit: Director/Editor - Gregorio Davila

Video Credit: Director/Editor - Voz De America

On January 29, Avygail Sanchez of Parsons Engineering, Olga Mireya Lopez of Metro, Susan Trigueros of SoCalGas, Jennie Carreon of Altamed, Lizette Carbajal of Telemundo/NBC Universal and Helen Hernandez of The Imagen Foundation sat on a panel moderated by comedian and commentator Aida Rodriguez to discuss how the Latinx community can advance and take advantage of forthcoming job opportunities.

More than 150 Latinx guests gathered at Casa 0101 in Boyle Heights. Panelists spoke about their respective fields and how each industry is leading opportunities to employ the Latinx community and its small businesses.

Throughout the event, panelists repeatedly offered resources including websites, links, and themselves to help guests network, find jobs and grow professionally.  “Go to events, pass out your business cards...develop the relations so that you can grow...networking is really important.” encouraged Lizette Carbajal. Moderator Aida Rodriguez further echoes the sentiment by sharing, “go to people who are doing what you want to do, who are at a higher level than you and rise to the occasion...go out and explore; go out and make the connections...don’t be afraid when the door closes, this is a world for optimists.” Panelists focused on giving real advice and encouragement from their own experiences.

Panelists also shared initiatives lead by their respective companies that target Latinx; specifically Olga Mireya Lopez, Avygail Sanchez and Susan Trigueros presented special programs offered in the infrastructure and energy fields.

The all Latina panel also highlighted the importance of organizations like ULF in supporting job growth and community building. “Invest in organizations like this [ULF] who are trying to put out the good word for you [and your family] and are helping you get jobs” said moderator Aida Rodriguez. On the topic of what investments need to be made to ensure job security, Avygail Sanchez pointed out “investments in organizations like ULF [because they] empower us and prepare us to lead.” Additionally, the panel all agreed that education is a critical investment for job security and job placement in the Latinx community.

The event concluded with closing remarks by Interim Executive Director Richard Corral who shared the innovative ways ULF is supporting the Latinx community, “ULF is cultivating the future of philanthropy...providing a place and a space for a different type of philanthropy that is more public and engaging.”

The Salon Series is a biannual event that brings together Latinx leaders and community members to discuss and address critical issues facing the Latinx community in Los Angeles.

Event photos can be seen here and live stream from the event can be watched here.