SoCal Gas Community Survey

SoCal Gas Community Survey

As part of ULF's mission to nurture resilient Latinx communities, we have partnered with SoCalGas to bring new programs and resources to our neighborhoods.  

Did you know SoCalGas was founded in L.A. and has been serving our communities for over 150 years. Their mission is to build the cleanest, safest, and most innovative energy company in America. They provide incentives, discounts and programs that help low-income, diverse, and vulnerable households, especially as we fight against COVID-19. 

The company has been investing and partnering with communities and organizations to advance social justice, education, emergency preparedness, safety, environmental wellness, diversity and inclusion. We welcome SoCalGas to our extended ULF familia so we can work together to bring more resources to our Latinx communities.

We'd like to share a brief survey to solicit your feedback on our community partner, SoCalGas. By filling it out completely, you will automatically be entered into a raffle! 

Help us shape the future of SoCal Gas!