Special Announcement: Meet United Latinx Fund's NEW Executive Director!

Special Announcement: Meet United Latinx Fund's NEW Executive Director!

On behalf of the United Latinx Fund's (ULF) Board of Directors, it is with tremendous gratitude that we officially thank Richard Xavier Corral for his leadership as the organization's Interim Executive Director over the past six years. We wish Richard all the best in his new endeavors.

At the same time, we enthusiastically welcome Victor M. Cruz Jr., a longtime community and social justice advocate as United Latinx Fund's NEW Executive Director. Victor is not new to ULF. He joined the organization in 2020 as the Workplace Giving Manager and has since then already made a lasting impression. The ULF Board is confident that Victor has the pulse on the community and tenacity to take ULF to the next level; and together we will make an even greater impact in our Latinx community.

Learn more about Victor M. Cruz Jr., ULF Executive Director below.

Victor Manuel Cruz Jr. Bio

Victor Manuel Cruz Jr is a Los Angeles-based community advocate, bringing justice and visibility to historically marginalized communities worldwide.  His vision of equitable, self-sustaining, and self-efficient diverse communities has led Victor to become an emerging presence in social justice spaces focused on mental health, education, resource accessibility, immigration, labor rights, and advocacy.  Victor aims to use his lived experiences and educational background to empower his community, honor the struggles of ancestors, and bring equity to his communities programmatically and politically.  

Victor’s current roles at the United Latinx Fund (ULF) as both Workplace Campaign Giving Manager and Spanish Language Communications Coordinator has allowed Victor to engage in programming and development that results in a more equitable and socially justice-oriented Los Angeles. His work with United Latinx Fund has allowed Victor to leverage his understanding of policy, public administration, communications, and philanthropy to help shape community-oriented solutions that address both immediate and long-term needs. Victor’s purpose at ULF is to ensure that equitable resource investment is provided to high-need communities.  His work has better prepared Victor to create streamlined, tangible, and enduring solutions that leverage the private, public, and nonprofit sectors – solutions that facilitate community to the forefront.

Victor’s first experience with community organizing and social equity was at the age of 12, picketing and boycotting alongside his father in support of workers’ rights. This experience propelled Victor to organize students and their respective communities, leading him to do so on a national scale via Movimiento Estudiantil Chicanx de Aztlan (MEChA). Victor’s involvement as National Co-Chair and Coordinating Councilor afforded him first-hand knowledge on national campaign actualization and conference execution, permitting him to organize over five-thousand students around education access, workers’ rights, and immigration policy.  As an alumnus of Summer Institute for Latino Public Policy, Victor deliberated with legislative leaders in both the House and Senate on issues of immigration and education policy, presenting personal research to support his cause.  Victor currently speaks to these experiences as a board member of the Latino Coalition of Los Angeles, where he creates programming that speaks to educational equity, secure housing, reimagining public safety, and inter-generational healing for youth.

Victor is a native of Los Angeles, from the neighborhood of Echo Park, of Mexican and Puerto Rican decent.  He received his Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology and Latino Studies from the University of Notre Dame, and his Master of Public Administration from the University of Southern California.

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