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Leader in philanthropic giving for and by Latinx that uplifts and improves our community's quality of life.


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United Latinx Fund nurtures resilient communities by advancing and investing in equitable, impactful and sustainable Latinx-serving nonprofits, innovations and leaders.


United Latinx Fund is greater Los Angeles’ leading foundation and philanthropic resource created for and by Latinx that transforms, uplifts and empowers nuestra comunidad.


In 1989, a Taskforce of community leaders convened in response to the lack of public and private investments made in Latinx communities throughout greater Los Angeles. The Taskforce determined that: 1) The limited resources allocated by public and private institutions imposed numerous restrictions and rarely invested in organizational capacity; and 2) Latinx serving nonprofits needed a charitable organization that made long-term investments in our community. In response, United Latinx Fund (ULF) was launched in 1990 to provide Latinx with greater agency over our community’s needs along with the resources and strategies to meet those needs.

What does ULF do?

Over the past 30 years, ULF has become a prominent philanthropic organization in the Los Angeles area and is one among a few Latinx-specific funds throughout the United States. As a fund distribution agency, ULF coordinates fundraising campaigns through workplace giving programs in partnership with Los Angeles County, City of Los Angeles, Los Angeles Unified School District, and Metro. Through the generosity of employee donations, ULF's community grants program has invested close to one million dollars in more than 600 community based nonprofits and provides in-kind technical assistance to grantees.

What is the Need for ULF?

Latinx comprise LA County’s largest ethnic group with over 49% of the county’s ten million residents. The recent economic downturn left many families in need with approximately 4,880,000 Latinx living at or below 300% of the federal poverty level. This need is compounded by the recent wave of immigrants from Central America and Mexico, many of whom are unaccompanied minors. These children and families have a new set of needs driven by the ongoing gang and drug wars within their home countries. Lastly, the rhetoric and policies of the current presidential administration further challenges the well being and livelihood of the Latinx community across multiple issue areas. Now more than ever, ULF needs your help to uplift, invest in and improve the quality of life for Latinx and all LA County residents! 

What is ULF’s impact?

Through our Community Grants Program, ULF provides grants to grassroots, nonprofit organizations. Employee donations help ULF fund programs that serve the Latinx community in the areas of Jobs and Housing. These two funding priorities are broadly interpreted to accommodate a diverse array of applicants, programs and strategies working to improve job readiness, increase the number of living wage jobs and make housing more available and affordable.

For a list of our most current and past grant recipients, visit our Grant Making page.