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Call to Action

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed our lives in ways that are still undetermined, changes that require responsive and innovative leadership, solutions, partnerships, and investments beyond business as usual. Despite the current crisis, our commitment to the vitality and longevity of grassroots nonprofits must be uncompromised and unprecedented.

In response, the United Latinx Fund (ULF) in partnership with the Latino Coalition of Los Angeles (LCLA), launches the Campaign for Nonprofit Resilience which leverages our long-standing experience and expertise supporting grassroots nonprofits that serve LA’s Latinx communities. The Campaign for Nonprofit Resilience is an urgent call to action for local leaders to advocate, educate, invest in and sustain our most essential and impactful nonprofits that may shutter due to the COVID-19 pandemicIf these vital nonprofits close, the impact on SoCal’s Latinx community, vulnerable populations and the region at large will be indelible and irreversible...we can not let that stand.

Nonprofits and Latinx Communities in Jeopardy

Like previous crises, COVID-19 will disproportionately impact poor, brown/black and vulnerable communities. Although we’re mandated to stay home and encouraged to order takeout, our food-insecure neighbors have no choice but to seek out nonprofits for desperately needed food and other necessities. Those without reliable cell phone and internet service may have limited access to critical information and human connection while the sick and elderly will need resources to survive. Many more will lose their jobs as non-essential businesses close. Meanwhile, our homeless neighbors will increase their reliance on nonprofits for housing and essential services. Now more than ever, our grassroots nonprofits are being asked to do more with less as demand increases for their life-saving services with each passing day. In fact, a recent Forbes article highlights the catastrophic damage faced by 1.5M nonprofits nationally due to, "evaporating revenue, lack of equitable access to federal relief support, and significant disruptions in charitable giving".

Leading In Crisis

Those on the frontlines combatting the pandemic often work for the grassroots nonprofits that ULF and LCLA support. To ensure that these nonprofits weather the current crisis and continue their vital work well into the future, we are stepping up to galvanize the necessary resources and support. Under this mandate, ULF recommits to its vision and mission to uplift and improve our community’s quality of life by scaling up our investments in local, grassroots nonprofits at the forefront of impactful, community-driven solutions.

Rapid Response Solutions

The Campaign for Nonprofit Resilience provides real-time, emergency assistance, earmarks investments and prioritizes resources for nonprofits in jeopardy of closing due to the pandemic by coordinating the following:

  • Advocate: Advocate broadband providers (e.g. Verizon, AT&T and Spectrum) to provide free or reduced cost internet service to SoCal nonprofits so they can continue to provide vital services in an affordable, safe, online environment.
  • Educate:  Produce a series of virtual fireside “CharLAs” featuring elected, corporate and philanthropic leaders covering the latest developments on the COVID-19 pandemic, its impact on our Latinx community and nonprofits as well as upcoming funding opportunities.
  • Invest: Dedicate a portion of current and future rapid response funds to invest in small to medium nonprofits that serve LA’s most vulnerable communities. Commit to offering unrestricted grants administered on a rolling cycle. Encourage nonprofits to immediately repurpose existing grants to address COVID-19.
  • Sustain: Elected, corporate and philanthropic leaders partner with ULF to raise and invest in grassroots nonprofits that serve Los Angeles’ most vulnerable communities.

Add your voice to the growing number of community members, advocates, donors, and leadership dedicated to ensuring a better tomorrow for all our nonprofits...join the Campaign for Nonprofit Resilience today!


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